Horse Trailer Post

How It Works

Horse Trailer Post Connects Buyers and Sellers of New and Used horse trailers.

Buyers: Complete the easy to answer questions for your horse trailer needs and connect directly with sellers who will compete for your business. View offers, haggle your features and pricing, finalize your deal, receive your new trailer. 

Buyer Benefits:

--Protect your identity and information by remaining anonymous (no more craig's list creeps to deal with)
--Haggle pricing and features all from the comfort of your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
--Need Financing, no problem. Horse Trailer Post can help. If you need financing you should prequalify prior to submitting any request.
--Title transfer/license plate/registration.  Oh yeah, gotcha covered.
--Horse Trailer Post will release your payment to the seller after you take possession of your trailer. 
--Shop with confidence using Horse Trailer Post knowing you haggled your best offer, and you never have to worry about getting scammed since your money is safely held in escrow until you take possession of your new trailer.  
--What's does it cost you?  ZERO!  No cost to buyers or sellers.
--Unsure of where to begin?  Login and create your free account.

Seller Benefits:
--Receive request for purchase (RFP's) from serious buyers who have cash in hand and ready to make a deal with you.  
--Negotiate with only qualified, serious buyers that are ready to purchase.
--Never worry about collecting your money.
--Individuals (non-dealers) may choose to remain anonymous and protect your identity.(no need to worry about revealing your personal information)
--Sell your trailer with ease and eliminate all the phone calls and general email questions associated with typical "for sale" listings
--Setting up your account and using the platform is free to all users.
--If you successfully negotiate and make a sale and wish to use the escrow service, the cost is only $125 processing fee that we charge. (very reasonable!)  Otherwise, no associated cost involved for using the platform.

Video Tutorials

--Buyers: Easy steps on How to create a Purchase Request

--Buyers: Why Should I fund my escrow account?

--Buyers/Sellers: How to Successfully Negotiate